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Bundled birthday pins

Bundled birthday pins

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Simplify your party planning with our comprehensive bundle of Birthday Pins, offering convenience and versatility for any occasion. Each bundle comprises 45 pins, ensuring an ample supply for your celebration needs. This bundle includes a balanced assortment of colors, with 5 pins provided in each of the following vibrant hues: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, turquoise, and black with white accents.

For those with specific color preferences or smaller gatherings, individual colors are also available for purchase separately.

Each pin is accompanied by a sturdy 4-inch round wood base, measuring a quarter-inch in thickness, facilitating easy display in an upright position. Please note that assembly of the base and pin is required upon receipt.

Streamline your party preparations and add a splash of color to your festivities with our convenient bundle of Birthday Pins, designed to simplify your decorating process and enhance your event experience.

*Note these are laser cut and will have a camp fire smell that will fade over time. 

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